The digital menu card

QR-Xtend is the solution for digital menu cards!

Create your digital menu card within minutes!

Your customers can scan the QR-Code with is smartphone and access your digital menu card.

Rethought the menu card!

Which advantages brings QR-Xtend?

PDF Upload & Live Designer

You've got the choice! You can upload your current menu card or create a completely new one online.

More free space!

You don't have to place traditional menu cards on your table. With our QR-Code solution, you spare space and money. Worn-out cards are history.

Contacless and hygienic

Your customers don't have to touch menu cards with their hands anymore. QR-Xtend is completely contactless and hygienic.

Digital Covid-19 data acquisition

Spare paper and nerves. Your customers can provide and send their contact data via the QR-Code.

Complete control via the backend

You control all settings and changes of your card via the backend.

To the backend

Transform every smartphone to a menu card

Your customers can open your menu card with any smartphone.

Live Desinger

With our live designer, you can create and design your menu card in real time.

Save cash!

One of the many advantages of QR-Xtend is, that you do not have to print expensive menu cards anymore if your menu changes.

Save now

Our customers

How does QR-Xtend work?

Here you find a tutorial on how to get started with QR-Xtend.


Create an account

Create an account to get access to your dashboard.


Upload menu card

Upload your menu card in the dashboard.


Choose material

Choose between stickers and table stands.

Security is key!

Your data is holy to us! Your data is protected perfectly.

Hosting in Germany

Our servers are exclusively based in germany.

PDF security check

Every uploaded PDF is checked for malicious software.

SSL encryption

With our SSL encryption your data is always transmitted encrypted.


Thanks to QR-Xtend, our menu card is easily digitalised. Our customers got access to our cards within seconds.

Antik Shisha Lounge

Great service!

QR-Xtends provides an excellent service. The idea is just brilliant. Our customers love the digital card.

Xaza Lounge

Great product

A great and easy product. Our spokesman at QR-Xtend is really sympathic.

Lapot Lounge

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